Laundry Day

General Agreement

The following is applicable for LAUNDRY DAY 2019 organised by Atmosphere Architects


Anyone in possession of a festival bracelet or access voucher, purchased or received from the promoter, enters the festival at their own risk and declares agreement with the general regulations upon entry. Access to the festival will be denied if the rules are not complied with. 



Every person entering the festival must be in possession of a valid festival bracelet registered in the name of the buyer or a special access voucher provided by the promoter. One festival bracelet only provides access to 1 (one) person on the day or days for which the ticket has been purchased, or as defined on the special access voucher.  

The minimum age for LAUNDRY DAY is 18. Anyone who turns 18 in 2019 will be allowed into the festival. You will not be allowed into the festival as a minor, unless you’re are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian and / or other adult.

If you leave the site, you can re-enter afterwards if you keep on your bracelet. Re-entry during the day is kept to a minimum due to safety reasons. This applies to all types of tickets. 

Counterfeiting of the festival and/or camping ticket will result in prosecution.  



Festival tickets are not refundable or exchangeable. This is also true in the event of unforeseen cancellation of the festival, act of terror, hand of god, force majeure, decision of the promoter or forces of law and order. In case of loss or theft of the festival bracelet, it will neither be replaced nor refunded. 



The promoter and/or official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of the festival-goer upon entering the festival. If you cannot provide a valid ID, you will be denied access to the festival without any refund of the entry fee. Valid identification means a valid identity card, passport or driving license. A copy will not be accepted. The surveillance law applies here. 



Admission to the festival is forbidden, or you may be denied access (with no right of refund for the ticket) if you: 

- are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs 

- have been previously denied access to other events/meetings organised by the promoter or other authorities 

- demonstrate behaviour with intent to disturb the public peace or provoke violence, hatred, anger, etc. 

- refuse to be searched by security staff 

- refuse to comply with the general terms and conditions 



Any person in possession of a valid festival bracelet or special access voucher wishing to enter the festival must validate their personal bracelet or access voucher. Entry to the festival may be accompanied by a body search by security.  A member of security staff has the right to request a ticket holder of the same sex to be subjected to a search of clothes and luggage for the purpose of intercepting prohibited items. Upon finding such items, security has the right to confiscate them. 



Access control is based on the law provided for this purpose with the objective of detecting weapons or dangerous items that, if introduced onto the site, could disrupt the smooth running of the event or place the safety of attendees at risk. 

The following items are forbidden at the festival: 

⇨ Deodorant or perfume in large bottles or aerosol cans (cosmetic products in small bottles are allowed – max. 50 ml) 

Your own food or drink

⇨ Any other device (umbrella, sunscreen, tripod for (video) camera, laser pens, etc.) that security may consider dangerous for other festival visitors. 

⇨ Pyrotechnic items such as Bengal fireworks, fireworks, flares, etc. 

⇨ Banners or items with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions that can be used as a means to disrupt the public peace, put the security of the crowd at risk, and/or inflict damage to persons and property.  

People who are required to take medication are required to submit a medical certificate. 

Making fires is forbidden. 

Animals are not admitted into the festival (with the exception of guide dogs) 

What is allowed? 

Guide dogs for the visually impaired, simple disposable or pocket cameras, retractable umbrellas without pin (no parasols), plastic sheets and blankets to sit/lie on, sun cream, cosmetic products – max. 50 ml, deodorant (roll-sticks only, no spray cans), refreshment water in an atomizer and small backpack or other bags. 

So-called “selfie sticks” are only allowed if they are no longer than 1 metre in the extended state. These sticks must also be of the type made exclusively for photography. 



At the festival, it is forbidden for visitors to: 

⇨ enter areas they do not have access to with respect to the ticket they have purchased, such as the backstage zone, press room, etc. 

⇨ climb tents, constructions, fences, light bridges, benches and any other constructions on the site, or to block access points, exits and emergency exits 

⇨ disguise themselves with the intention of not being recognised in order to disrupt public peace or endanger the safety of others 

⇨ sell food, drink or any other product without the express permission of the promoter to throw or to shoot/fire solid, liquid or gaseous items with the aid of a firearm 

⇨ enter the site with a car without an official sticker (provided by the promoter). Your car/vehicle will be towed away at your own expense. 



It is forbidden to carry texts, symbols, items, clothing and/or other (visual) appearance representing an explicit political, social movement or group. Anything related to discrimination, incitement and racism is strictly prohibited. 



Festival visitors need to listen to the instructions of the promoter or designated/authorised personnel at the festival and camping grounds at all times. Failure to do so will result in removal from the festival. If necessary, the promoter can call the police. Every ticket holder agrees to abide by the promoter's instructions in order to uphold public peace and safety during the event. Users who are removed from the site for a certain reason will not be allowed to re-enter the site under any circumstances, even if they are in possession of a new entrance ticket. 

In the event the promoter has denied someone access to the festival, the promoter has the right to deny the ticket belonging to that person and to refuse said person access to the site. If the promoter has removed a person from the site, the promoter is not obliged to refund the ticket. 



For the purposes of security, force majeure, terrorism or threat of terrorism, hand of god, compulsory order by police or security, or any other (unforeseen) circumstances, the festival promoter has the right to stop or pause the festival, to keep the visitors on site until the end of the festival or to oblige some or all of them to leave the site, or to deny visitors access to the site even if they are in the possession of a valid ticket. In all cases, the entrance ticket will not be refunded or exchanged. The visitor explicitly accepts this as a result of making payment of the purchase price of the ticket. The promoter may be forced to change the festival programme; this does not give the visitor or buyer of the ticket any right to claim any compensation whatsoever. 



The promoter will process personal data of festival visitors in the context of its activities. By entering into a contract with the promoter and visiting the festival, the festival visitor gives consent to this. The processing of personal data by the promoter will be in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be obtained when ordering tickets, viewed on the website at all times, or obtained from the promoter.


Festival visitors may be photographed and filmed; festival visitors agree to these images being used for promotional purposes and safety reasons. Photographs or films made by festival visitors cannot be used for commercial or public purposes on the site, unless prior written permission has been received from the promoter.



Sometimes, the area we use for the event is a natural area. We therefore ask all visitors to contribute to keeping the site as clean as possible. Places for depositing rubbish are clearly marked on the festival site, camping grounds and parking area. Please make use of these rubbish points.  The use of toilets and refreshment points is free at the festivals. There are wooden floors under and around the toilets, and the toilets will be cleaned regularly. Public urination is strictly prohibited. Public urination may result in the offender being removed from the festival site and possible police prosecution. 



The promoter invests a lot of effort and manpower every year in order to transform the festival site into a magical world. We ask every visitor to have respect for this. Tearing, breaking, or any form of destruction of the decoration will lead to removal from the festival. Access will be denied for the rest of the festival. In addition, compensation will be sought through police prosecution. 



To access a festival promoted by our group, you must wear your own personal and valid bracelet. Access to the festival will be denied if you're not wearing a valid bracelet. All festival bracelets will be handed over on site in exchange for a valid voucher or purchase at the ticket booth. The exchange/upgrade of a ticket type is no longer possible after the personalisation process. Treat your festival bracelet as if it were money. Loss or damage to the bracelet does not result in the entitlement of a refund.  This also applies to the RFID chip on your bracelet, which may contain a cash balance.



Ticket: only buy your ticket from the respective website of our festivals, and use the associated pre-registration link providing access to the ticket shop. Tickets obtained through a different method (or, in any way whatsoever, through a different channel, or by bypassing the procedure described in the pre-registration link, which provides access to the ticket shop) will be cancelled in any case. This means you must never purchase your festival tickets on the street.  If the name on the bracelet/ticket does not match the name on the proof of identity, the promoter has the right to deny access. In case of loss or theft of the festival bracelet, it will neither be replaced nor refunded. 

Access to the festival can be denied at all times. 

Festival tickets or bracelets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the permission of the promoter. Festival tickets or bracelets may not be resold. Ticket exchange is only permitted at the promoter's official Exchange Desk. Resold festival tickets give no right of access. In addition, the promoter and/or the official ticket distributor reserves the right to cancel festival tickets as soon as it has been established that they have been offered for sale in spite of the prohibition of fraudulent sale of festival tickets. The costs resulting from the cancellation will be at the expense of the buyer. 

Changes to the programme give no right to a full or partial refund of the festival ticket.  The making of a counterfeit festival ticket or festival bracelet will result in prosecution.  The promoter and/or the official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of the festival-goer. 



The VISITOR explicitly accepts the “cashless” system used at the festival site for all financial transactions. The visitor expressly waives any collection/exchange rights of funds during and after the festival, except during the expected refund period of 7 days after the start of the festival. In case of refund, a refund fee will be charged to the visitor.  The visitor explicitly accepts the use of ECO drinking glasses at the festival site, as well as the associated “deposit” system. The visitor expressly waives collection/exchange rights of eco cups after the festival. 



Recordings: TV recordings may be made during the festival. There is a good chance you will be filmed. Upon entering the site, all visitors give their tacit approval to LAUNDRY DAY and its partners to use and broadcast these images.  Camera surveillance in accordance with the law of 21 March 2007 is used on the festival site.  Cameras and small cameras are allowed in the festival and on the camping grounds. Subject to prior authorisation by the promoter, photography is only permitted on a small-scale for personal use.



The distribution of flyers/promotional material or the hanging of posters during the festival is forbidden. No flyers on the street or on the festival site itself. If you wish to promote your own event, please check this in advance with the promoter. 



The festival has an absolute zero tolerance policy on drugs. The use, dealing and/or possession of drugs during the festival is forbidden. Any evidence of this will result in you being removed from the site. There will be strict monitoring in place. Before you enter the festival site, you have the option to deposit drugs in the drug barrels provided for this purpose and no follow-up action will be taken.  If you have to take medication for health reasons, you must possess a valid medical certificate. We can only approve your particular medication on the basis of this certificate. Directions and instructions provided by security staff must be followed immediately. Security staff may carry out a check if they suspect you are in possession of banned or dangerous weapons. The refusal of a check could lead to access to the event being denied. 



Official sales of t-shirts, merchandising, apparel and/or souvenirs within the festival site is exclusively permitted subject to prior authorisation in writing by the promoter. 



Lockers are available at the festival at an additional cost. You will have access to your own locker during the entire duration of the festival. The promoter is in no way liable for loss or theft from your locker. 



The festival makes extra efforts to make the festival accessible to people with a disability. For this purpose, we are paying particular attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings. 



Ban on crowd surfing: Just as in previous years, and just as with all major festivals in Europe, there is a ban on crowd surfing this year. Removal from the festival field in case of non-compliance with this measure will be a logical consequence. The reasons for this choice are clear after the first year this ban went into effect. The people in the first rows can finally enjoy what is happening on the stage without the need to protect their head and limbs. It is a lot more pleasant and safer for everyone, and the risk of injury is significantly lower. 



Loss or damage: the artists and the festival promoters cannot be held responsible for damage, loss, theft or for any accident. 



Any disputes concerning the above articles should be forwarded to the promoter by registered letter within 8 days of the potential complaint and addressed to the office of Atmosphere Architects BVBA, Beukenlaan 12, 2020 Antwerp, Belgium, FAO Wim Van der Borght (Managing Director). 

These general terms and conditions (and any disputes concerning them) are governed solely by Belgian law. Any complaints relating to these general terms and conditions shall be submitted to the competent court in Antwerp in accordance with the provisions of the Judicial Code.